Scooter’s Members Headed to Argentina, RSVP for TISC Molson-Coors Party, Practice Changes

Scooter’s Members at Pan American Champs in Argentina: Roller Sports Canada’s team that will represent Canada, competing at the Pan American Championships in March in Rosario, Argentina includes Scooter’s members Wayne Burrett, Peter Doucet, Morgane Echardour, and Jade Pauley. The foursome will also team up with Montreal’s Martine Charbonneau and Dundas’ Mike Murray.

Reminder: TISC Molson-Coors Pub Night this Saturday January 22nd from 6pm to 10pm:

  • $25
  • Adults only
  • RSVP to Alain Quintard by Wednesday January 19th at noon:
  • Food (lasagna, salad, more food, and free beer!)
  • Have you sent in your menu choice?? We have to order the catering by this Wednesday, January 19th at noon. Select between meat or veggie lasagna, ceasar, Garden or Greek Salad.- Email Alain.
  • Directions: Alain will let you know how to get there once you confirm you attendance

Practice Changes: Monday January 24th is the last 2-hour practice, from 8pm to 10.00pm. Monday practices from then on are from 8pm to 9:30pm, with doors open at 7:30pm for floor cleaning.

About Peter Doucet

Peter Doucet is from Canada. He is the webmaster of He has placed top-10 in the World Inline Cup and top-3 at the New York 100k and Athens to Atlanta. He is an elementary school teacher and a musician in Mississauga, near Toronto.

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