Changes to Monday practice times in December & January

There are plenty of changes to Monday practice times; please take note of these changes.

  • November 29- 8pm to 10pm
  • Monday December 6th cancelled
  • December 13th 8pm to 10pm
  • December 20th & 27th 9:30pm to 11pm
  • Mondays January 3, 10, 17, and 24 all 8pm to 10pm
  • Mondays thereafter back to regular times: 8pm to 9:30pm

About Peter Doucet

Peter Doucet is from Canada. He is the webmaster of He has placed top-10 in the World Inline Cup and top-3 at the New York 100k and Athens to Atlanta. He is an elementary school teacher and a musician in Mississauga, near Toronto.

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