Coming This Sunday- Mike Garvin

Ottawa’s Mike Garvin will be stopping by our club for practice this Sunday. Our goal is to impress him, so come with your best skates & wheels as well as your snasiest skin suit, coolest helmet, and be ready to skate with your best technique 🙂

This is also a reminder that this Sunday’s children’s/ youth programme is cancelled due to a private party booking.

About Peter Doucet

Peter Doucet is from Canada. He is the webmaster of He has placed top-10 in the World Inline Cup and top-3 at the New York 100k and Athens to Atlanta. He is an elementary school teacher and a musician in Mississauga, near Toronto.

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  1. Does this mean the 9:30-10:30 practice is cancelled?

  2. One more Sunday sleep in! Am I able to come out on the 21st? There might be 2 more girls who are interested. Do you need our RSC numbers?

  3. Hi there Marybeth- looks pretty good for the 21st- come on out- and it’s very cool that you could bring out a couple more girls. If you have your RSC numbers, that’s great, otherwise you should be fine- Wayne Burrett will take care of that end of things.

    BUT- There IS a practice THIS Sunday- 8am to 9:30am- it will be the ‘regular’ program for grown ups, so you’re welcome to come out.

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