First Practice Of 2008-2009

Earlier today, we held our first practice of the 2008-2009 season. The regular program and the Children & Youth programme were both run with success.

Looking forward to a successful season, here are just a few important items for you to consider

  • We need help cleaning the floor. If you would like to skate on a grippy floor (grip & traction are critical for going fast), please come 30-minutes before practice to help clean the floor
  • You are welcome to do an ‘off-skates’ warm-up before practice- make sure you bring your running shoes. Also, some skaters will do some ‘dry-land’ exercises on Sundays after practice
  • Please help our Children & Youth programme by sharing the website to young skaters & their parents and encouraging their friends to come out and give skating a shot 🙂
  • We need help & volunteers with A) fundraising, B) promotion of the club, C) helping set-up & take-down, D) tracking skater registration & singing in E) taking pictures & video for promotion & technical analysis, F) organizing special occasions & competitions

About Peter Doucet

Peter Doucet is from Canada. He is the webmaster of He has placed top-10 in the World Inline Cup and top-3 at the New York 100k and Athens to Atlanta. He is an elementary school teacher and a musician in Mississauga, near Toronto.

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